Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plurality scribe adapts The Sixth Gun for NBC!!

Ryan Condal is the mastermind who wrote this short film called Plurality. He is an up and coming screenwriter and I am a fan. Why is that you ask? Well just watch the movie above. Then go Here to order the Sixth Gun trade paperbacks. Yes that's right. Ryan Condal is writing the television pilot for one of the greatest comic series in the last decade! The book follows Becky Montcrief after her father gives her a present on his deathbed. What present? Why only one of a group of six mystical guns. Each gun has a special power that it yields to its owner: One gun strikes with the force of a cannon shell, one spreads flames upon its victims, one that kills the victim by spreading a flesh-rotting disease, and one that can call up the spirits of the men and women it has shot down, etc...


Now I'm not normally a fan of "Weird Western" tales, but this one grabbed me. I have been following it since the book started 29 issues ago and it has yet to disappoint. So let's take this premise and add in the clever brain of Condal and what do we get? I'm hoping for a beautiful pilot that leads to a long lasting series. 

The comics were created by Cullen Bunn (left) and Brian Hurtt (right). They have also collaborated on The Damned series, which is a classic 1920s noir story. With demons!!! Hurtt has worked on Queen and Country, Gotham Central, and Captain America. Hurtt has recently become a "golden boy" of marvel, recently writing several team up arcs with Captain America, the acclaimed Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Fear Itself: The Fearless, and Wolverine. 

Needless to say, I'm excited to see my favorite comic book become a new favorite TV series (I'm optimistic). Casting wise, we have Laura Ramsey (The Ruins) playing the female lead, Becky Montcrief. Other confirmed cast members are Graham McTavish (The Hobbit, Left) as Silas Hedgepeth, Aldis Hodge (Leverage, right) as Agent Mercer, and W. Earl Brown (Deadwood, Below) as General Hume.

Brown totally looks like a badass Hume!

The Nerdist Writers Panel just released a podcast with Ryan Condal on it. I'm super excited to listen to this one!!! Check it out here