Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Pull List 12-4-13

It's been awhile. Not because I've been busy, which I have, but because I haven't been to the comic store to pick anything up. So when I went back I figured I'd have a bunch to catch up on. Turns out I only have four.

Pretty Deadly 2 - Interesting book. Much easier to follow after listening to a podcast interview with Kelly Sue Deconnick where she explains that the book is a dead rabbit talking to a butterfly as narration. It's a very dark book. The art is incredibly versatile and creates the excellent world of the book. Still hard to tell where this book is going, I wish I had decided to wait for the trade to get the full story. I think it would work much better that way. 3 out of 5.

Velvet 2 - The plot thickens as Velvet heads out to prove she's not the guilty one in the murder of her colleague. Epting's art is still great for the intricate noir tale. While the previous book was good in getting me to look forward to more of the story, I'm looking forward to this book since it is already great. I am in love with the style and feel of the book. It's excellent. A lot of fun and Brubaker has fully won me over. 4.5 out of 5.

Amazing X-Men 2 - Wolverine and Northstar are exploring the afterlife when they come across a pirate ship. a fight ensues and ends with Wolverine being knocked off to fall to his death. Meanwhile, Storm, Firestar, and Iceman are exploring another part of the netherworld and get into a fight. Jason Aaron is great, and Mcguinness' art works beautifully. I don't like Storm's design in the new books, but it's not a big deal. More a personal preference. Solid book, but in itself not much happened. 4 of 5.

Green Arrow 26 - Part 1 of the Outsiders War. Lemire writes an excellent story. This book is exactly what I want from a Green Arrow book. Excellent story, trick arrows, good humor and Andrea Sorrentino's perfectly beautiful artwork. It's a little weird that the story kinda follows what happened in Arrow and also has similarities to JMS' Amazing Spiderman run with the totems and retconning the history of the character. A thoroughly good read and a great companion work to Arrow. Including Diggle! From the show! 4.5 out of 5.

Anyways, I should be back next week to talk some other books. A little brief this week due to working 12 hours today and being exhausted...