Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekly Pull List - May Pt. 1

Time to play a little catch up. I thought I would have a ton of books last week to talk about, but there was a shipment error and also errors in my pull list doc. So, first book is from April 30 and it was the only book that week. Serenity 4 picks up where we left off. There's several call backs to the show. It's a fun read and feels like classic Firefly. Heist work, inevitable betrayal, Zoey being badass, etc. I really need to go back and reread this series as I was a little lost in this issue. Good story with some pretty solid art. Still a bit lighthearted and I think it's not the best choice for the story, but it is good objectively. I like where the story is going and I think there's a lot of strong threads there, I'm just worried that it's focusing too much on connecting to parts of the show and not exploring or expanding the story from the show. Totally a solid read, but not the best. 3 out of 5.

Next up are some books from Free Comic Book Day and last weeks pull. Our FCBD was apparently super busy so I was only able to pick up the DC New 52 Future's End #0. This starts the weekly story which is taking place 5 years in the future and follows Batman Beyond, Firestorm, Grifter, and others. The story is that Mister Terrific's Brother Eye has evolved and started infecting people to take over the earth. Not surprisingly, a lot of setup in the 0 and 1 issues. Some good cause and effect can be seen already. Everything feels neatly put together and planned out so far. This gives me a lot of hope for the next couple months of this book. The stakes are high as it is the earth itself who is in danger from Brother Eye. It's an interesting book as it follows 4 different stories: Grifter, Batman Beyond, Mr. Terrific, and Firestorm. There are also 4 stellar writers; Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff Lemire; who all work together on the story and each write one of the characters. At least that's how I've heard it works. The art work is great. Patrick Zircher draws a dynamic and action filled issue. It's an intriguing setup for the story. It feels mildly familiar plot-wise but different enough to pique my interest. We shall see how this goes. 3.5 out of 5.