Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life, The Universe, And Everything

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is now onto the holiday season. The time of year where people tend to forget about pretty much everything except for the commercialization of the Christmas holiday. Now some of you may know that one of my best friends as a kid passed away just before thanksgiving. He was the kid I spent the most time with while growing up, so it was naturally very tough for everyone involved. Anyways, I don't want to get too depressing about it. Mostly I just want to remind people of the true meaning of the holidays. I'm not talking the religious meanings as I don't want to be that guy. I'll go with something more down to earth and straightforward. Enjoy your family and your friends. Holidays are a great excuse to get together with those that you care about. Life's too short to let crappy, petty arguments get in the way of relationships with those you care about. And also grrreeaaat food! Enjoy the family home cooked meals really make the holidays worthwhile, especially when you enjoy them with those loved ones.

Soap box aside, things are going well for me. I'm living with Devon in Flagstaff now and it's fantastic! The only real downsides are that I have to look for a job again and that we live on a freshmen girls floor of the Res. Hall she works in, which is odd and loud at times. We've been enjoying relaxing together and watching TV in our spare time. We are currently working through Angel and it's getting into the middle of season 3 and it's really good. We have also watched Sherlock which is fantastic! The BBC really kicked major ass and pulled out all the stops on this show. There's a lot of times where I flash back to the battle of wits scene from The Princess Bride and Benedict Cumberbatch plays Sherlock as well as Jim Parsons plays Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Holmes is a fantastic character who has the classic ramblings of how he came to his conclusions and the way they portray his recognition of the clues is fantastic! The portrayals of John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, and Jim Moriarty by Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, and Andrew Scott respectively are all top notch and along with the very complex stories pushed this show to the top of my favorite shows list.

Apart from watching TV and filling out job apps, I've also been doing several podcasts as you have probably read about if we're friends on facebook. My next post will be an overview of what goes into doing that. Until then, if you are interested in checking them out there are links on the right side of this page. I do Rogue Arrow Podcast which talks about the CW show Arrow as each episode airs, Mainframe Chronicle where we review a few episodes of the 90s cartoon ReBoot each podcast, and Cinemasters where we talk about movies. We're still working on getting Cinemasters really up and running, but the others are one a more regular basis now that Joey (Mainframe Chronicle cohost) is done working on the election. I was also a guest on the Geek Fights podcast where we discussed which was the best fight in many different movies and comics. That can be found here. It's pretty hilarious so you should definitely check it out! Anyways, that's all for now. Looking forward to the Christmas movie season as Rise of the Guardians, The Hobbit, Les Mis, and Django Unchained all look fantastic.

-Daniel Janes

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