Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weekly Pull List 4-17-13

And I'm back to talk about what comics I picked up this week. Again, been super busy with work and working on my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo. Yeah, there's a thing called National Novel Writing Month. It's a yearly event in November that gets people to write a novel in a month. They're doing a summer camp kind of thing for the month of April. I decided to take a shot at it. It started off great, but again super busy with work so I'm kind of running behind.

So today I picked up several books. Let's get started! Spoilers ahead!

Justice League #18 - Now this is my first issue of this one that I picked up. I've been kinda following the series but haven't been reading it religiously. This issue starts with Jason Todd and Alfred in the Batcave mourning the death of Damian when a mysterious figure breaks in and knocks them out before taking Batman's stash of Kryptonite. Meanwhile Superman and Wonder Woman are confronted by Batman over what the world views of them being together and how they can do anything. On the Justice League satellite, Firestorm and the new Atom get confronted by the return of Despero. As far as story, this book isn't really innovative. The story of Batman's contingency plans being stolen or going awry has been told many times (See JLA Tower of Babel, Batman No Man's Land, etc...). That being said, Geoff Johns is brilliant so I'm not too worried. As usual Ivan Reis' art is pretty beautiful. Overall a great book and I can't wait to see where it's going.

DC Universe Presents #19 - This is an interesting book. I've been following this title since issue 13 or so and it's an anthology kind of book. There's a few issues per story arc or there are one shots as the last few have been. I haven't been overly impressed by the last couple, but this is the final issue of this series so I figured I should finish it out. This issue was probably the biggest surprise this week. It follows a female scientist who comes across an artifact that seems it comes from 300 years in the future  when it's carbon dated. Anyways, a portal opens and Beowulf (yes the character from the poem) chases a shapeshifter to our time. At the end he ends up going back only to be followed by the scientist. I don't know what it was about this issue that was super exciting, but it was well written and intriguing. The art was pretty neat, but not overwhelmingly awesome. This seemed as a sort of set up for the issue Sword of Sorcery that started recently and I enjoyed it enough that I really want to go check out that series.

Sonic Universe #51 - Part 2 of the Worlds Collide Crossover. This book was a good continuation of the story that started last week. I had no real issues with it except that the continuity is kinda weird. Last issue the timeline jumps back a few days or something and this one continues from the jump back. I didn't pick up on that until halfway through which made for an odd read...

Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #3 - Again not an incredible book, but it was decent. The story still isn't as intriguing as the main series. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy the world of the Sixth Gun, but it might be worth waiting for the trade.

Finally, Sixth Gun #30 - This is the first issue in the next arc and it has the main character Becky getting trapped inside the spirit world or something like that. Hard to sum up the plot in a single sentence so that's how I'm doing it. Great beginning to a new story and I'm still in.

Sorry about the brevity of the reviews, I'm really tired. May come back and edit these tomorrow. We'll see. Thanks for reading!!

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