Thursday, July 4, 2013

Weekly Pull List 7-3-2013

I finally got Sixth Gun 31! It's a good one as I mentioned before. One of the weirder arcs of the book that hints at a super awesome dark past of the Six. Super anxious. Here's a good article about it in the Washington Post.

Next up was Sonic the Hedgehog 250. Part Nine of the Worlds Collide. This book is what I didn't know I've been waiting for over the last few months. It has a splash page of Sonic and Mega Man and their team facing off against nearly every Mega Man boss. It is a fantastic page and worth the entire series so far. There's also one that shows Sonic racing through the battle taking out a bunch of robots. Super cool. As far as plot, there's a huge battle and Sonic and Mega Man decide to invade the base of the evil Drs. As they are flying up to the Wily Egg, Dr. Light gets thrown out and is plummeting to his Death!! With two of the greatest splash pages I've seen in comics this book gets a 5 out of 5.

Tying in to last week's prep for Trinity War is Trinity of Sin: Pandora 1. Finally getting to a plot that was hinted at two years ago at the onset of the New 52, TOS Pandora follows the mythological character as she gets doomed to walk the Earth forever due to her releasing the seven deadly sins on the world. We follow her over the centuries to see how she was tormented. She's about to get revenge of sorts on Wrath when she's summoned by a member of the Council who punished her to apologize for her punishment. He gives her a hint of how to stop them and says the council has been destroyed (as seen in the Shazam backups in Justice League, so I guess I'll go read those.) The book ends with a clear direction where we are going. Pandora heads off to find the box and Superman as only the purest of hearts can use it for good. Comic in itself gets a 3, but it gets an extra point for being a great, clear set up for the Trinity War. 4 out of 5.

Finally we get Green Arrow 22. Another great story from Jeff Lemire as we follow Ollie on his quest for the three dragons and Komodo to get his revenge. He invades a castle and finds Shado tied up. Upon releasing her he is attacked by Count Vertigo. The depiction of the vertigo attack is fantastic. It's as if they punched out pieces of the image and twisted them around. It's incredible. If you enjoyed Arrow then this book is a good choice. It has several trick arrows, Count Vertigo, Shado (who apparently had a kid with Robert Queen, Olivers father, and that's who's hanging out with Komodo.) Anyways, great book. Lot's of classic Green Arrow stuff. 3.5 out of 5.

What are you reading this week? What are your thoughts on Trinity War?

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