Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekly Pull List 4-23-14

Only a couple books this week so I will dive right in. The first is Justice League United 0. This book is very much a set up issue. It's an interesting line up. It's introducing Adam Strange to the New 52 and follows Animal Man and Stargirl as they meet him and explore a disappearance of Strange's partner. Literally. His partner disappeared in front of his eyes. As they investigate, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow show up. The aliens release some dangerous fiery being who attacks. The issue starts with an invasion of an alien science lab and then flashes back in a fairly cliched moment. At the end of this book I was left with a few questions which I'm sure will be answered in the first six or so issues. How does Strange get his armor? Who are these aliens and what are they up to? Why should I care about half these characters? Why are Green Arrow and Animal Man bantering so much? I'm mildly intrigued, but it's going to be a fairly cosmic story which I usually don't like so I will keep my expectations low. I do like Jeff Lemire so I will give it a few more issues. As far as art goes, I'm not a fan. Mike McKone is a solid artist, but the style feels inconsistent throughout the issue. Not sure if it's a pencils or coloring issue but it just doesn't feel right. Some panels are rather crisp and vibrant but others are muted and blurry. Some choices were made in that department that are not very clear yet. Middle of the line for me. 2.5 of 5.

My other book this week is Lazarus 8. More of the plot is revealed and we get introduced more to Forever's past and a few more of the caravan heading towards the Lift in Denver. Now, we still don't know what the Lift is, but I was instantly more attached to the people we get to explore. Forever gets yelled at to stop the imminent bombing at the Lift. Sweet middle part of the story. Not much to complain about other than it would work much better in a full story. If this book sounds interesting, I would definitely pick it up in trade paperback form. Art in this book is incredible as usual. It's a very gritty feeling book which matches the grim future world. Excellent book apart from being a mid-arc book. Still an incredibly fun read. 4 out of 5.

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