Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Pull List 1-7-2015

Happy New Year! Let's start it off right with some catch up! Catch up in the sense that I didn't pick up any new books for a couple weeks when I was back in Illinois for a wedding and the holidays. So some of these books came out on Christmas Eve, but I didn't get them until this week.

Alright, I will start with Marvel and Storm 7. I thought I had dropped this book already, but apparently it was Nightcrawler that I dropped. I'm really glad it worked out that way. This issue starts off a little bit of a spy story. Storm wakes up in a basement prison, entrapped by the FBI. She confers with Beast, Nightcrawler and Rachel Grey telepathically. There are protestors protesting to free her when she uses her old school thieving skills to escape. Storm then assaults a corrupt senator who was behind blaming her for the plane attack by going all big-bad-wolf on his house. All while having a broken ankle. With an end goal of finding the name of the man behind it. This book was excellent. Greg Pak has really hit his stride finally. Storm escapes by using her old school thievery skills from her time on the street. It's always good to see a character not have to use their powers in order to get out of a situation. All around good episode. There’s so much going on in this issue and all of it is interesting. There’s corporate espionage, action, adventure, hard sci-fi, and the works. A great issue that makes me interested in the next few issues. 4.5 out of 5.

My other Marvel, non-Axis book is Magneto 13. Even though Magneto is pretty involved with Axis, this book follows Briar Raleigh, Erik’s new partner in crime. She visits some sort of black market Magneto fan club-museum thing. It’s a pretty odd book. It feels like a really strange one-off that sets up a potential arc where SHIELD is looking for Magneto and will try to get Briar to help. There’s a few shots of Magneto wandering around Genosha, brooding about the loss of mutants. A nice issue. definitely feels fresh and sets up a dark story. 3.5 out of 5.

Now let's jump over to Image for Rasputin 3. Grigori wakes up after what appears to be a drunken orgy and follows a little ice fairy out into the icy wilderness where an ice spirit who was created by Ded Moroz, a slavic myth similar to Santa Claus. Translated to "old man frost". He's a mysterious giant and the strong and quiet type. The snegurochka (ice spirit) talks to our title character about his healing powers and how the waters of life are fluid and when he gives people life, a part of them goes into Rasputin. Meanwhile, our giant friend from the monastery wakes up Mr. Dulac to tell him a tale of the man who found the water of life. It's an intriguing book that explores a couple of different histories and mythologies and promises an excellent,  sufficiently weird story going forth. 5 out of 5.

From the wonderfully fantastic to the mysteriously horrific with Outcast 6. This issue is a bit of a wrap up to the first arc. Kyle and the priest visit the old lady at the end of last issue, and it continues here. The creepy guy, Sidney, comes out of the shadows and creeps them out. Later, Sidney shows up at the priest's house and threatens him to not get involved any further, while Kyle has a flashback to when he used his powers on his mother. A very solid, fun issue. There's lots of tension and suspense. Kirkman does some good work. I'm guessing he will do some good work over the next 2 or 3 arcs before it starts being too stale and repetitive. 4 out of 5.

Now over to Green Arrow 38 at DC. A fun little Green Lantern/Green Arrow tale. They meet up with Katana who also has been tracking King and apparently ARGUS has been compromised. A fun little tale. I like the Katana character and I will be picking up the trade of her series at some  point in the near future. A solid issue, furthering the plot of King turning all of Seattle against Oliver as the Green Arrow. It should be a nice, fun little story. We will see. 3.5 out of 5.

Vertigo gave us Wolf Moon 2 of 6. Some more gruesome violence and creative world building make this book an excellent, yet creepy read. I really enjoy getting to know the main characters and learning about this clever new werewolf take along with them. I'm excited to learn more and to meet the mysterious hunter who is taking out the previous werewolf hosts. A creepy story which is excellently set up and intriguing to the last page. 4 out of 5.

Lastly Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead 4. Yum Kimil has entered the world, Drake Sinclair shows up and will probably do something next issue, Jesup and Roberto plot to take down the lord of death whilst he sews together some dead guys to make a crazy zombie monster to hunt them down. Solid issue, but it's a middle story so nothing huge going on. With probably a 6 issue series here it's well on the way to being another excellent addition to the Sixth Gun mythology. 4 out of 5. 

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