Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 in a nutshell

Well, it's post Christmas, almost New Years. Blogging is a challenge. I never really know what to post about. I'll stick with the title of the blog and talk about the blog. I'm thinking this blog will consist of reviews of many different forms of media that I consume and just kinda talk about random stuff. Why not?
So New Years is here. This year seemed to fly by. As is expected with me taking 5 classes in the spring while also assistant directing Colored Museum and Light Designing for the Student Dance Concert. Oh yeah, and applying for a job at the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville. I got a job as a theater technician in April and got to help with the grand re-opening of the theater by putting lighting cable together and whatever else they needed. After the end of the semester, I moved my stuff back north to Crystal Lake.

I spent the summer traveling between Crystal Lake and Edwardsville, doing work at the Wildey and doing odd jobs for friends around Crystal Lake. On July 23 I took off for Australia for 4 months (To read all about that experience, check out my aus-ome blog:
After arriving home, I enjoyed some great Thanksgiving food then resumed by travelling back and forth from home to school. Not only to do some work at the Wildey, but also to do auditions for the Student Experimental Theater Organization's production of Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang. After a long weekend of watching people act, and several days of stressed induced mild insomnia, I arrived at a very excellent cast! Once home, I was able to start raiding the library for their graphic novel collection. This has been a great way to catch up on some fantastic comics that I normally wouldn't have the money to buy and read. 
On the 23rd of December, I hosted a party at Howl At The Moon in Chicago. We went and enjoyed a bunch of cheap drinks and some free bar food. This is a dueling piano bar where they have two pianists playing music for a couple hours before being joined by a few more musicians to do a full band set. Highlights from the night are when they played Time Warp, and Mnamna (on keytar)!
Anyways, I got to Christmas where my brother, sister-in-law, and their dogs came up to visit again. Had a good haul of presents: a 4D puzzle of Sydney, several books, a couple calendars, and so on. Following Christmas the rents and I went up to Minnesota to visit my sister and niece and nephews for a day. It was a nice short visit but it was really exhausting dealing with the three kids. They have so much energy!! Well for today, I'm not sure what I'm up to, but tomorrow I will be going to the city with Devon and her family in order to view the Dr. Seuss exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, then dinner at Jameson's Charhouse. 
It's hard to believe this year is over and that I only have one semester of undergrad left. Craziness!! I'm really excited for a bunch of things in 2012, but that's for another post I think. Anyway, thanks for reading, I'm off to bed.

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