Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New beginning.

Hey guys! This is an experiment of sorts. I am expanding my digital identity by starting this blog. I'm not sure which direction it will go, but it will be a blog. Hopefully posted in consistently. That is all.
Well, I got back from studying abroad in Sydney, Australia a little over 3 weeks ago. I have done many cool, and daring things in my life, but this takes the cake. Going to a new country by myself and tossing the dice to meet new people. I did all the tourist stuff: Snorkeling the reef, seeing an opera at the Sydney Opera House, and many days of enjoying the city, and (shhhh!) drinking (gasp).
Anyways, the reverse culture shock wasn't as bad as I've heard it can be. I think Revertigo may be the reason it was so easy to slip back into things. About a week after I got home I went down to Edwardsville, Il in order to do some work at the Wildey Theater and sitting through auditions for the spring theater shows, of which I am directing Beyond Therapy in March and light designing Cinderella in April. I then graduate in May and have no idea where I will be in June. Sounds fun doesn't it?
Anyways, since then I've been catching up on TV shows and comics reading. I guess I should review some of these.
I've been reading trades of Fables from the library. This book is incredible! It's a sort of crime drama set in today’s world, but the characters are those from fairy tales. They have escaped to our world from their own that has been conquered by the Adversary and founded the city of fabletown. We see stories about Bigby Wolf (the big bad wolf), Snow White, Rose Red, Little Boy Blue, Cinderella, and so on. The plot follows Fabletown’s life including a murder mystery, espionage, and war with the adversary and his empire. This book is a great use of many characters that everyone knows and loves and gives them traits that you don’t see in the original fairy tales. This is a book that once you start reading, it’s really hard to put it down. In the last two days I have raced through 5 trades of it. I would give this book 9 out of 10.
Along the vein of Fables comes the new ABC series Once Upon a Time. This show starts with the Evil Queen putting a curse on all the fairy tale characters. This curse puts them into our world in Storybrooke, Maine. Before the curse, Prince Charming and Snow White manage to send away their daughter, Emma, to protect her. The show jumps back and forth between flashbacks of the fairy tale and the tale in Storybrooke where Emma’s son, Henry, is trying to convince Emma and the others that his book of fairy tales is true and that the residents of Storybrooke are indeed these fairy tale characters. There is a massive conspiracy involving Mr. Gold and his counterpart, Rumpelstiltskin. That leads me to the most intriguing part of the series to me are the character names. Snow white becomes Mary Margaret Blanchard, Jiminy Cricket becomes Dr. Hopper and Red riding hood is Ruby. The cleverness of the names is what drew me back for a second episode. I then became enchanted with the complex story and conspiracy. I can’t wait to see where this show is going! Although this show is pretty predictable, I would give it a 7 out of 10 since it has such great potential.
I guess I should get back to the name of the blog. I wouldn’t be doing it right if I didn’t discuss blogging at all. Blogging is challenging. Especially if you want to do some kind of specialized blog, then you have to figure out what exactly you want to do and what subject matter you want to talk about. That’s what’s going to happen with this one I think. I will just blog until I find a niche that I want it to follow and then go with that. 

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