Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 Recap

What a year 2012 was. A lot of great stuff happened seeing as I graduated, became a professional director, met some awesome people, saw some incredible movies, had some wonderful experiences. However, life likes to balance itself by throwing a lot of shit in there too. This year we lost two close family friends, ages 20 and 21. 2012 may not have been the end of the world as most people misinterpreted the Mayans' calendar, but it sure felt like it at times. I learned a hell of a a lot about grief last year. I think about Randy and Tim almost every day and miss them a lot.

Good things did happen in 2012. I directed Beyond Therapy at school which was an absolute blast, then I got to light design the new version of Cinderella which was my best light design to date since I had a lot of useful resources to do it. I started up 3 podcasts that are still going strong, more on that later.

There were some great movies in 2012. To know more on that check out The Cinemasters Podcast where we did a movie game of 2012 movies and coming soon we will do a recap of the movies in 2012.

As far as TV goes, Breaking Bad and Justified are still some of the greatest shows on air. Fringe is closing up shop soon, which I'm okay with so it doesn't go too far. Newsroom kicked some major ass in its first season. The CW show Arrow based on the DC comics character Green Arrow, one of my favorites. This is a fun show. Granted it's not the sheer brilliance of say Sherlock or Justified whose writing is incredible, but it's a solid action show and basis for the Rogue Arrow Podcast. House ended,. I kinda faded away towards the end. Need to finish the last 5 or so episodes still. How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory are kinda stale nowadays. They need to end. I watched some of Partners and found it to be quite funny.

Some great music came out last year. Gotye got super huge, which is weird because I was in Australia when he was emerging down there. I got to see his rise of popularity down under then experience it again when I got back to the States. Adele is still going strong. Maroon 5 is still rocking their pop rock grooves. No doubt came out with some new stuff that is pretty excellent. Tenacious D also made an excellent come back with Rise of the Fenix. My favorite albums of the year are The Offspring - Days Go By, The aforementioned Rise of the Fenix, Linkin Park's Living Things, and Hoobastank's Fight or Flight.

On the comic front the new 52 is still going strong. I'm loving Firestorm. I've been picking up the Hawkman: Wanted crossover. It's not great but it's decent. I'm still loving the Sixth Gun series by Cullen Bunn. Really everything by Cullen Bunn, which sucks because he's getting pretty decently into being a Marvel creator so he has a lot more titles for me to buying. Marvel's trying to get the same readership boost with their Marvel Now! The new Thor: God of Thunder series is excellent and I've been enjoying Avengers as well. I wish I had more money to buy more stuff with, but I can only afford so much.

So yeah, 2012 was one hell of a year. A lot of great things with an awful amount of horrific things thrown in. I hope 2013 is a lot better.

Things I want to accomplish in 2013: Get webcomic up and running, find a job, Devon and I are working on eating better, being a better person all around, and just helping to make people's lives better.
I should be able to take care of most of these. So. Here's to 2012. I will always remember that year, though not necessarily for the good reasons... RIP Tim and Randy.

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