Friday, January 25, 2013

Blah blah blah.

So I've got a job now. Working at the UPS Store. it's not great, by it's pretty easy and the people are pretty cool so far so it makes it quite the job for me. I get to pack boxes, and sell stuff to people, and ship boxes and all that fun stuff! Apart from starting there, I don't have anything new going on really.

New season of Face Off on Sy Fy started up. It's a great competition show of film make up and special effects. I love it. Kind of a guilty pleasure but not really. Justified is back. I just re-watched the first three seasons to prepare for it. Again, this is a fantastic show! You should all watch it. It's about a US Marshall who gets relocated to his home county of Harlan, KY. The show follows his return and reconnection with all the people he knows there. The writing is fantastic and we get to see the vad guys as well as the good guys since it is on FX. While the first season is a little Mobster-of-the-week, the second and third seasons follow plot arcs. The acting is superb and the writing is sheer brilliance. They rarely go the route you expect, and yet all the stories make sense and you see the world in grey not black and white, since they do a great job of humanizing the bad guys and having the good guys make mistakes. I may talk more on this show later.

I'm trying, and slowly but surely succeeding at getting a website up and running for me to use as a home page for the podcasts I'm producing. Not much to tell, other than word press and mac don't play nicely. That should be up and running by the end of February. Hopefully I'll get on a more steady schedule at work so I can be more adamant about writing. Anyways, I got to go eat and stuff. Thanks for reading. 


  1. Really happy with the beginning of all the plots this season. Also, kind of loved the end of the most recent episode. Poor Raylan...

  2. Right? Raylan has the worst luck with women. Probably not all luck...