Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Pull List 5-22-13

A light week this week made lighter by the Sixth Gun not showing up at my LCS (Local comic shop) which of course is super sad, but not overly surprising as I'm the only guy in Flagstaff reading that book.

Avengers 12 - This book takes us back to the crazy huge storyline that's going through this book. While this issue is better than previous ones, it's not great. It involves some villain whose name I don't remember who has sent some sort of life bringing bombs to Earth in order to make the planet a living thing. Overall, not a great book but I will stay on if the story continues to get better in these coming issues.

The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man 20 - The final issue of the book sadly. This book was always in danger of being cancelled as it had such low sales. It also suffered from a lot of regime changes in it's almost 2-year run. I've enjoyed this book from the start and have gone back and collected most of the original 80s series of Firestorm. This issue does fall into the "hey this is our last issue, but our hero's story continues in this other book" pitfall, but Dan Jurgens wrote it well enough that it's easy to overlook. We catch up with old flame head as he's finishing a fight with every member of his rogue gallery. While it is sad to see this book go, I'm glad it went out with a bang and I'm excited to see his adventures as part of the justice league.

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