Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekly Pull List 5-29-2013

This week I only had 3 titles. I picked up Justice League 20 which actually came out last week, but I hadn't decided to continue with this story yet. But with the impending Trinity War crossover I think I'm going for it.

Anyways, Justice League 20 takes place immediately after issue 19 which followed last weeks Firestorm 20. It has the three newest members of the Justice League; Firestorm, The Atom, and Element Woman; facing off against Despero on the Watchtower (the Justice League's satellite fortress). They get taken out pretty quickly, but the day is saved when the Martian Manhunter shows up to take him out. It then reveals that the new Atom is a spy sent by the Justice League of America. The story wasn't as cool as I'd like, but it works great as a set up for the crossover. The artwork is pretty solid. It isn't overwhelmingly good. I mean it's good work, but like many artists I have problems with some of the faces in the issue. It doesn't hurt the book at all, just me wishing it could be better.

Next I got Justice League of America 4. This book follows the JLA as they go to infiltrate the secret society. This issue serves to move the plot forward while showing the creation of Dr. Light, and ends with the apparent death of Catwoman when she's shot in the head by the Joker. Again, a fill in issue that Johns writes superbly. The artwork is beautiful in the book and serves to build the tension and tell the story beautifully. Not much else to say other than looking forward to the crossover.

The last book I got this week was Sonic the Hedgehog 249. We pick up with Mega Man, Sonic, and friends battling their mechanized friends. They work together to release their friends and start going on the offensive. This story surely does not disappoint in any way. It may be cliche and rather predictable but it's just very pleasing to read. It's cute, nostalgia inducing, and a whole lot of sweet action.

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