Monday, October 7, 2013

Monthly Pull List September

Late again, but I've been adjusting back to working days again and no other real reason besides laziness. Let's start up with Lazarus 4. The plot thickens as Forever recovers from the bomb and heads to the Sequoia Compound to get checked out. Throughout the book we see two stories in parallel. One story follows Forever's fight of the troops trying to finish the job. Back in Sequoia we see Mason and Johanna plotting and setting Jonah up as the scapegoat. Still a great book! I love every minute of it. Rucka does fantastic work writing and his world is visualized beautifully by Lark's artwork. The only downside is that the story is unravelling too slowly in single issue form. Can't wait for the full story. 5 out of 5.

Thor God of Thunder 13 - Thor and friends are having a feast when it is interrupted when a visiting dark elf feels a "disturbance in the force" as Malekith the accursed is rescued from his prison. They go to investigate and a scuffle ensues until Thor uses his lightning and Mjolnir to cauterize an elf's wound. Great story, but it worries me when they do a story to specifically to tie in with something else, i.e. Thor 2 comes out in a month, and it has Malekith as the bad guy. That mild annoyance aside, this story looks to be good and I trust Jason Aaron to do good work.

Continuing the Battle of the Atom story we have Wolverine and the X-Men 36 and All New X-Men 17. More time travel and epic storytelling reveals that the future X-Men team are not actually the good guys. We also learn that they come from a future where a mutant was elected president and shortly assassinated, which drove the team a little nuts. We still know very little about why what's happening is going down. Past Beast, Ice Man, and Illyana Rasputin head to the future to find out that stuff out and to bring back future Colossus and others. Pretty sweet book that's more intriguing about its future than the quality of the book. 3.5 of 5.

Now to the land of DC! Teen Titans 23.2: Deathstroke 1. This issue follows Slade Wilson's long time rivalry with Deathblow as well as exploring his past with his son and introducing his daughter just a bit. It seems to be a recap of his same history as before the New 52. It doesn't seem to be updated at all, but it does work as a nice recap. Good issue if you like Deathstroke or need a brief recap then it really works. I don't think it's an overwhelmingly good issue, but it serves its purpose. 3 out of 5.

Justice League America 7.3 - Shadow Thief 1. This is a character I'd never even heard of but seemed interesting. When I read it, I was hooked. The origin's a bit cliched with a science experiment gone wrong, but also includes a suit that allows our protagonist the ability to pass through shadows. Aviva Metula is ex-Mossad, and now runs around killing aliens as they were behind the explosion that killed her parents. Tom DeFalco does well with the story and dialogue and Chad Hardin's art does what it needs to to keep the story going. 3.5 out of 5.

Green Arrow 24 - After a brief recap, we see that Oliver can no longer shoot straight as he's still being affected by Count Vertigo, who has followed him back to Seattle. Shado knocks out Oliver to go take out Vertigo by herself. She gets taken out by Komodo who doesn't want Vertigo's chaos to be stopped. Arrow wakes up and goes to find the Count. Since Oliver has been affected by the vertigo attack for a few days, he is able to find a pattern in his attack and take him out, including ripping out the device that shoots out the vertigo waves. Then finally we see the reveal of a man who has a score to settle with the dragon. And Diggle is introduced to the comics. Again, the comics are reflecting the TV show. I'm pretty okay with this though, as Diggle is a fantastic character in the show. This issue is great and has excellent set up for the three dragons story which should be coming up. As usual Andrea Sorrentino's artwork is incredibly complex and super cool. 5 out of 5.

Last up is The Sixth Gun 34 - Becky is still trapped in her dream realm, managing to kill her pursuers using the guns in the dream. She comes across a withered old body of Drake in a cage in her dream and is able to communicate with him outside of the dream. It's so cool! He tells her to ditch the sixth gun and runs through several worlds until she ends up at one where another Becky is married to what looks like another version of Kirby Hale, another of her cohorts, and has 2 kids. Still amazing. Favorite book every month. Can't wait for more. 5 out of 5.

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