Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly Pull List 10-16-13

Had a well-balanced, light week this week at the comic shop. First off I got Justice League of America 8. While it is a Forever Evil tie-in (and first of the 4-part arc in the book.) it was interesting enough to hold my focus. It follows the Martian Manhunter and Stargirl as Manhunter infiltrates what turns out to be a high tech prison holding the Justice League members. The book ends as Stargirl finds a way to escape! Into a world with a blackened sky and a burning US capitol. A well written issue. Matt Kindt knows how to use the Martian Manhunter character. Interesting set up and I love that I don't have to be reading the Forever Evil main series to follow it. I hope the JLA books continue in that vein. 

In the Marvel Universe I picked up Battle of the Atom Chapter 8 in Uncanny X-Men 13. Interestingly, when I put away my large stack of comics, I realized I never picked up part 4 so it's on order. This issue is a strange one. I don't really know what happens other than people fighting. They try to send the past X-Men back, but can't for some reason, so they test the time machine. It's odd. Not sure what's going to happen, but I'm hoping it'll pick up. With only 2 issues left, we shall see what goes on. 

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